Puppet Play Webinar (3 CE’s)


In this recorded webinar, you will learn specific, theoretically-based techniques to use with children, groups, and families

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Puppets provide a fun and easy method of engaging children in individual and group play therapy sessions. Join us in the live webinar to learn how to set up puppet play in a variety of settings including choosing which puppets best facilitate the play process. Participants will learn at least two methods for engaging parents and families in the play therapy process and learn how to identify play themes and metaphor as they present in puppet play. Participants are encouraged to bring 2-3 puppets for experiential activities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the role of metaphor in the puppet play process
  2. Identify key puppets needed to facilitate effective puppet play
  3. Compare and contrast the use of puppet play across play therapy theoretical orientation
  4. Identify at least two interventions for individual and group play therapy sessions.

Credit: 3 Indirect Contact APT & Texas LCSW CE's