Ethics in Play Therapy (3 CE’s)


This training reviews the ethical Best Practices by APT and they impact potential ethical issues in play therapy.


This distance training reviews two APT publications (Play Therapy Best Practices and the Paper on Touch) and Kitchener’s 5 Moral Principles. Reviewing APT publications will align registrants with APT’s standards for ethical practice. Specifically, the Paper on Touch explores the use of therapeutic touch including when touch is appropriate, when it is contraindicated, and the limits in various treatment settings. Registrants will identify potential ethical issues in play therapy using a 27-question multiple choice exam.  No text is required for this purchase; material provided upon purchase of CE.

  1. Identify key aspects of APT’s Best Practices document as it relates to play therapy and play therapy supervision.
  2. Name each of Kitchener’s 5 Moral Principles and apply them to play therapy ethical scenarios.
  3. Describe therapeutic use of touch in play therapy including contraindications and when and how it should be used.

Credits: 3 CE’s