Book Study: Play in Family Therapy (6 CE’s)


Play therapists trained in clinical mental health often lack core training in how to work with families. This book study meaningfully fills in the gaps in family theory and family play therapy techniques.

In this distance book study, registrants will read the book, Play in Family Therapy (2015) by
Eliana Gil. This book study is ideal for individuals looking to increase their knowledge of family therapy
and family-based theory and integrate into their play therapy practice. Registrants will complete a 27-
question multiple-choice assessment upon completion of reading the book. Text required; not included
in the purchase price.

Learning Objectives:
1) Name major family-based play therapy approaches
2) Discuss the benefits of incorporating family play therapy
3) Name specific challenges play therapists face when incorporating play with families
4) Describe how metaphor and symbol facilitate content and process during family play therapy
5) Identify how creative mindsets and creative thinking influences the therapeutic process,
especially family play therapy
6) Explain the application of four family play therapy techniques outlined in the book

Credit: 6 Indirect Contact APT & Texas LCSW CE's