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Renee Turner is a top-rated workshop and conference speaker available for single or multiple day training events. Now booking 2020 & 2021. In addition to the specialty topic list below, basic and immediate play therapy training is available for agencies and group practices. Please contact Renee Turner for training descriptions and learning objectives. 


Trauma and the Body: Infusing body-centered principles into play therapy
Getting my body back: Embodied play therapy for physical and sexual trauma
Regulating Through The Relationship: Developing Critical Skills for Play Therapist Working with Trauma

Grief and Loss

Playing Through the Unimaginable: Play therapy for traumatic loss
Who am I? Where do I belong? Adoption grief across the lifespan

Adult Play Therapy

Partnering with parents: Addressing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on attachment in family play therapy
Creating corrective experiences through play: Methods for engaging parents in adult play therapy


Healing the Inner Child: Adult Sandtray for Childhood and Complex Trauma
Solutions in the sand: Brief sandtray interventions for stabilization and problem-solving
Embodied sandtray: Engaging the whole body to deepen the process

Somatic and Sensory Play Therapy

Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body: Incorporating somatic approaches into play therapy
Integrating the Body and Breath into Play Therapy

Special Populations

Addressing body shame and eating issues through an embodied and integrated approach to play therapy.
An Embodied Approach to Addressing Anger in the Play Room
Sensory Integration for ASD & SPD: A multidisciplinary play therapy approach

Professional Orientation

Theory and themes: Play Therapy Documentation & Treatment Planning
Play heals us, too! Embodied self-care for Play Therapists
Preparing the next generation: Developmentally-based play therapy supervision


Puppet play: Infusing drama and metaphor into the play therapy process
Narrative Play Therapy: Using Metaphors & Stories to Heal
Using Colors and Symbols in Play & Art Therapy
I Can Save the Day! Using Superheroes is Play Therapy

What professionals are saying about training with Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner’s training are highly interactive, engaging, and fun! Her experiential approach gives me hands on experience, increases my confidence as a practitioner, and support my personal work as well. I recommend giving yourself…and your clients…the gift of attending her training.
Joanna T., LPC-S, RPT-S
“Dr. Turner’s sandtray training made me feel like I renewed by vows with my marriage to counseling!”
Swathi M., LPC, Austin, Texas
Dr. Turner’s trainings are not only packed with valuable information—insightful and hand-on—but when you walk out her door, you will have taken time to slow down, look at yourself, and gain insight. Her passion for play therapy is obvious and I whole-heartedly recommend any training she provides!
Alyssa C. LPC-S, RPT-S
“Dr. Turner does a fabulous job of engaging everyone in training. It is not lecturing, it is very hands on. She is very knowledgeable about the information and her excitement about sandtray is contagious!” 
F.C., LPC, Temple, Texas

“Dr. Turner has an abundance of knowledge. Her energy and enthusiasm creates a warm, comfortable learning environment. All of my interactions with her have been positive. I always leave trainings feeling confident and in competent in what I have learned.”
Z.J, LPC, Belton, Texas

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