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Thank you for purchasing the Application of Play Therapy Supervision self-directed training! Using the book, Supervision can be playful: Techniques for child and play therapist supervisors by Athena Drewes and Jodi Ann Mullen, registrants will briefly answer the questions below. If you do not already own a copy of the text, one can be purchased through Amazon, often at a used/discounted price.

CE completion requirements:

Please write your short response to the following questions. Responses may be in any format.

  • Describe your individual style of supervision and how you may incorporate playful supervision into the supervision of play-based and non-play based sessions.
  • What is your identified theoretical orientation and how will integrate it into play therapy supervision sessions?
  • What are indicators of transference and countertransference and how will you as a supervisor process with supervisees?
  • Identity the population(s) with which you have the least experience and knowledge (e.g. grief and loss, domestic violence, military children, etc.) and how you will increase your competency to appropriately provide supervision.
  1. Follow the first link below to submit your Essay
  2. Please allow up to 48 hours for the essay to be graded.
  3. Upon a passing score, you will be able to follow the second link to complete the evaluation and be presented with your certificate

Playfully yours,

Renee Blocker Turner Ph.D., LPC-S, RPT/S